'Complete stranger' sends beautiful condolence letter to partner of Sheffield's Kelly Brewster

Kelly Brewster and Ian Winslow - Picture: Facebook
Kelly Brewster and Ian Winslow - Picture: Facebook
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The heartbroken partner of Manchester terror attack victim Kelly Brewster has thanked the "complete stranger" who sent an emotional letter consoling him for his loss.

Ian Winslow was planning an exciting and happy life with Kelly before she was killed in a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena last month.

Letter sent to Ian - Picture: Facebook

Letter sent to Ian - Picture: Facebook

The couple had had just put a deposit down on a house for themselves and Ian's daughter Phoebe and were trying for a baby.

However, Ian was forced to break the news to seven-year-old Phoebe that her beloved friend Kelly had been one of the 22 killed at the Ariana Grande gig.

In the wake of Kelly's death, Ian has spoken emotionally to the Star and shared loving pictures of their family together.

Ian has now taken to Facebook to thank a "complete stranger" who has sent the family a letter and gifts to console them for their loss.

The letter read: "Dear Ian, I hope you don't mind me sending a gift for your little girl.

"You don't know me but a photo I have seen on Facebook of your little one and Kelly together, both with big smiles on their faces has just stuck with me.

"A photo speaks a thousand words and to me a complete stranger all I could see was happiness and love.My heart breaks for you and your little girl.

"Nothing I, or anyone can do, will make it better but I just wanted to try and show your beautiful daughter that there are kind people who do good things."

The kind-hearted stranger finished the letter by telling Ian that their "little ones" had made Phoebe some pictures and written her a note to "make her smile".

Ian posted on Facebook and said: "Whoever sent me this, I just want to say, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You X"

The heartwarming letter has already amassed hundreds of likes on Facebook with many people praising it as a "beautiful thing to do".

Andrea Williams said: "So many amazing people in the world, just a shame we always see the bad stuff rather than the good x much love."

John Winslow said: "That has brought a tear to my eye such a wonderful thing to do whoever it is God bless"

Carol Fletcher said: "I'm in tears Ian, how kind! Hope you are all coping the best you can xx"

Jackie Theaker said: "How lovely Ian. Hope you have the support you need sweetheart. Thinking of you every single day xxx Much love to you all."