Company fined £1,500 with clear up costs of £3,679 for dumping waste in Doncaster

The owner of a local skip hire company has been fined £1,500 after a huge amount of waste was found dumped in Stainforth.

Mark Addlesee of Addlesee Skips, a registered company of Addlesee Timber & Haulage Limited, was fined after pleading guilty to failing to prevent an escape of waste at Doncaster Magistrates Court on July 27, following an investigation by Doncaster Council’s enforcement team.

In addition to the fine for Mr Addlesee, Addlesee Skips has also been ordered to pay clear-up costs of £3,679. The company, based in Belton in North Lincolnshire, has 28 days to pay.

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The investigation came after reports of a significant amount of dumped waste at Waggons Way, Stainforth, on the site of a disused colliery. On investigation, there were five large piles of dumped waste in the area, and on investigation names and addresses of three individuals were found amongst some of the rubbish.

On interview, the three individuals all confirmed that they had lawfully disposed of their waste with Addlesee Skips, a registered waste carrier.

Mark Addlesee denied that the waste had been fly-tipped by his company, and no evidence was found that proved it had been. He did claim, however, that he had allowed another individual from outside the company to take away wood and cardboard from the site for free, although he kept no records regarding the transfer of this waste and therefore had not taken reasonable precautions to prevent the waste being fly-tipped.

Cabinet member for communities, the voluntary sector and environment, Councillor Chris McGuinness, said: “This is another brilliant result for our Enforcement team following yet more in-depth and skilled investigation work. Once again, someone who has failed to properly dispose of their waste has been punished for spoiling Doncaster’s environment.

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“We have made it clear with our This is my Doncaster campaign that it is totally unacceptable whenever waste is fly-tipped in Doncaster, and this case proves that we will investigate environmental crime and catch culprits.”