Community’s anger at vandalism to parkland

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More vandalism has occurred at a Sheffield park restored by volunteers – with bins dislodged and damage caused to the edge of the area’s pond.

Friends of Frecheville Park and Ponds, and Coun Bryan Lodge whose Birley ward includes the area, have highlighted the incidents which happened over the last few days.

The damage, discovered on Friday, comes just a few months after similar problems were reported last December.

Vandals have dislodged the bases of litter bins on either side of the pond. And a wire structure holding stones to support a platform next to the pond has been damaged.

Stones have been removed and supporting blocks have been tossed into the water.

Stu Sinclair, of The Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond, said: “We are suffering more acts of mindless vandalism I’m afraid. There are still those who have nothing better to do than cause this type of damage, spoiling the environment for everyone else.”

Coun Lodge added: “I’m appalled to see yet more damage.”

In previous incidents of vandalism last December, bins were uprooted and a large recycling bin was thrown into the pond.

The friends group is urging anyone with information to call police on 101.