Community protection notices issued as police target Sheffield suburb

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Police will issue community protection notices in a troublesome Sheffield suburb as they target antisocial behaviour in the area.

Officers from the Burngreave problem solving team will issue the notices in the suburb as they seek to 'keep members of the public safe, tackle antisocial behaviour issues and provide reassurance to the local community'.

Burngreave has attracted headlines for the wrong reasons this year, with a shooting in the Spital Hill area in June.
Along with the CPNs, officers will use section 35 dispersal orders in areas where there are persistent antisocial behaviour issues.

Police special Lee Kayne, who has been working closely with the dedicated Burngreave team, said: “Our priority is to ensure everyone feels safe within the community and I hope through the increased engagement, work carried out by the problem solving team and action to issue CPNs, we are achieving this.

“Over recent months there have been a number of issues and concerns reported to police in relation to the area and we have been, and will continue to work, to bring offenders engaging in illegal activity to justice and remove threats to members of the public.

"We will continue to work in close partnership with Sheffield City Council and other agencies, to respond to the immediate issues as well as making plans to improve community safety in the area longer term.

“This dedicated work will now continue and if anyone has any concerns, I would urge them to either speak to a local officer in the area or report it via 101.”