Community clean-up planned in Sheffield suburb

Acting inspector Chris Lewis
Acting inspector Chris Lewis
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Police and other organisations and groups working in a Sheffield suburb blighted by litter are to join forces and work with members of the community to clean up the streets.

On June 30 police officers, other professionals and community volunteers will walk the streets of Page Hall picking up litter.

It is one of the issues residents regularly complain about.

They claim it has become a severe problem following an influx of hundreds of Roma Slovak residents to the Sheffield suburb.

Those behind the clean-up hope it will serve as an educational exercise.

Acting Inspector Chris Lewis, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “This event has been planned by a number of third sector organisations in the community and local officers are pleased to be taking part in such a positive initiative.

“It is a great way to help improve the appearance of the area while encouraging the community to come together and feel a sense of pride about where they live.

“I would encourage anyone who wants to join in to come along.”

Page Hall is one of a number of South Yorkshire areas where Roma Slovak residents have moved to.

MPs claim around 2,000 have moved to Page Hall, Tinsley and Darnall over the last two years.

There are also large numbers in Eastwood in Rotherham and Hexthorpe in Doncaster.

In Page Hall a special police team has moved into the area to try to help community cohesion.

Officers have been taught how to speak Roma Slovak to help them communicate with residents.

Long-standing residents have raised a number of issues about their new neighbours with the authorities, including large groups congregating on the streets at all times of the day and night.

Police officers have vowed to remain in the suburb for as long as it takes to achieve integration.