Community cafe hails Sylvie an ‘inspiration’

Sylvie Wright  In the Upperthorpe Road Cafe
Sylvie Wright In the Upperthorpe Road Cafe
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A Sheffield woman has been hailed an ‘inspiration’ by her friends at a community cafe, who have created a wall display in her honour.

Sylvie Wright, who has multiple sclerosis, has always been determined to live life in a positive way.

Despite living daily with the pain and mobility problems caused by her condition, she regularly undertakes daring stunts for charity – including skydiving, hang-gliding, abseiling and parachute jumps.

And now Upperthorpe Cafe has chosen to honour the 40-year-old, with a wall of pictures and clippings celebrating her achievements.

Pat Sharp, who runs the cafe on Upperthorpe Road, said: “Sylvie is such an inspiration to me and I decided to create the wall as I want all my customers to be as inspired by her as I am.

“Sylvie’s such a good positive example for all of us. We love it when she comes to see us.”
Sylvie helped to create the wall, which features photos of her travels and press cuttings of her achievements.

“I was so honoured to create the wall, to promote the power of positive thinking,” she said. “I hope my life story, and the photos from my travels to places like the Galapagos islands, Machu Picchu and Egypt will help and inspire others.

“I love visiting Upperthorpe Cafe as I think there’s such a great atmosphere to the place. It’s an important part of the community.”

Sylvie, who lives in Upperthorpe with her family, was just a teenager when she discovered that, due to a rare gynaecological problem, she had two half-sized wombs and was unlikely to be able to have children.

Then when MS hit at 21, her hopes of a family life all but disappeared.

But she was determined not to give up on herself. She met and married husband Steve 14 years ago and, in 2004, against all the medical odds, discovered she was pregnant. The couple’s son Marcus is now seven.

More recently, Sylvie travelled to Poland where she underwent pioneering treatment to clear a blocked vein in her neck. She struggles with constant fatigue and other complications but still tries to keep as active as possible, with weekly yoga and swimming. Sylvie added: “I enjoy life and I have a large amount of joy in my life.

“There are ups and downs, but we seem to come through them, and I’ve learnt you have to live in the moment and take each day as it comes.”

Sylvie is now writing her life story which she hopes will spread her message of positivity to a wider audience.