Commissioner to tackle May over cuts

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South Yorkshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner has announced he is to tackle the Government over police funding.

Shaun Wright has vowed to meet the Government head-on over its plans to impose sweeping cuts to the county’s policing budget.

He will join Labour Commissioner colleagues across the country in calling for a radical rethink of the cost-saving strategy which has already resulted in the loss of thousands of frontline police officers across the country.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with Home Secretary Theresa May and other Commissioners on Monday, Mr Wright said: “South Yorkshire has already endured painful losses in police numbers and any continued drive to realise further savings from the police budget, above those we already face, will leave us in a very vulnerable position in the future.”

He added: “Vast and relentless cuts of the scale we have seen over the past few years are eventually going to have a detrimental impact on performance and this will ultimately undermine the good work that has taken place to build confidence and trust in the force and ensure residents living in the county feel safe.

He added: “There are now almost 7,000 fewer frontline officers on the country’s streets – almost 150 fewer in this county alone. My priority is to keep the communities of South Yorkshire safe.”