Commission’s worthy target

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INEQUALITY is a scourge on our city which no right-thinking person would be prepared to tolerate. Therefore we are delighted that a major effort is being made to put an end to the inequality to be found across Sheffield.

For a new and independent commission has been established to bring together a wide range of talents to prepare a report highlighting where the differences are most pronounced and to look at ways to bridge the various divisions.

And all of this is to be achieved over the next seven months, which means the team has a major task on its hands if it is to come up with worthwhile and sustainable targets and suggestions.

However, there is a note of caution we hope all commission members will take to heart. In these austere days, every penny must be made to count and in suggesting any course of action they should always make sure that the goal they are pursuing is achievable as well as desirable.

Similarly, we appeal to members of the public to be open-minded about any dealings they may find they have with ideas proposed by the commission.

For, at the end of the day, aspiration and attitude are often the key to lifting people out of an unequal rut. And to achieve this needs determination by the individual rather than interference by the state.

Dealers need to be more vigilant

WE fully support local insurance broker IFM Insurance which is urging businesses to take extra precautions after a huge rise in the number of thefts involving metal which, presumably, is being sold as scrap to cash in on rocketing prices.

For they show that as thefts of metal rise throughout the country, Sheffield is particularly affected, for the city has the fourth highest incidence of such crimes.

While companies should do all in their power to make the thieves’ lives difficult, there are some thefts which are opportunistic, such as theft of memorial plaques.

In these cases it is down to the dealers to be vigilant and not to accept materials which are of a suspect nature.

Great example

AS public funds become increasingly difficult to find, more reliance will be placed on the private sector to come to the aid of organisations. One such case is B&B Vehicle Contracts who have loaned a van to Sheffield Theatres to help with their work in the community. This is a great example and one we hope may be repeated.