Comet tale a bit of a wash-out

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IT’S hard to imagine life without a washing machine – the impact would be huge.

It would mean trips to the launderette or a neighbour, messing around transporting clothes back and forth.

And if something urgent was forgotten there’d be no bunging it in the machine for a quick wash.

Sadly, Christine Carrack, of Hartington Road, Dronfield, has been in this position for nearly a month – despite having a warranty from Comet.

She said: “An engineer came three days after it broke but couldn’t do anything because it needed some parts.

“He told me not to use it or I would make the problem worse.

“I made arrangements for him to return – a week later.

“I had a telephone call at lunchtime the day before, informing me that one of the parts had come to them damaged and they would have to reorder it.

“Both my husband and myself kept telephoning to see if the part had come in and eventually an appointment was made for the engineer on January 24.

“At half past four today I had a call cancelling this appointment – the engineer is now off sick.

“I was told it would be next week at the earliest.”

Comet didn’t comment.