Comedian John Bishop blasts Ed Miliband for only opposing HS2 over Doncaster route

Comedian John Bishop has blasted former Labour leader Ed Miliband for only criticising HS2 now it is set to come through his Doncaster North constituency.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 1:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 12:59 pm
Comedian John Bishop has criticised former Labour leader Ed Miliband for only criticising the HS2 project now it is set to come through his Doncaster North constituency.

In a post to his fans on Facebook, the Runcorn-born comedian criticised Mr Miliband for failing to try and stop high speed rail project when he had the opportunity to do so as Leader of the Opposition.

He said: "Ed the truth is you had an opportunity as leader of the Labour Party to stop this. You didn't do it and now you want the problem to be in someone else's constituency.

"I am hugely disappointed with the flaccid political process we have that has allowed this project to go so far."

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In the post, which has attracted more than 5,000 likes and been shared by over 900 people, Mr Bishop references comments made by Mr Miliband earlier this month when he said HS2 flies in the 'face of logic, value for money and the needs and interests of local people'.

Mr Bishop said: "HS2 does not fly 'in the face of evidence, logic, value for money and the needs and interest of local people' because it is now being routed through your constituency it was wrong from the start.

"No matter whose homes and livelihoods are destroyed by this project, even if they are 200 miles away from you it is your tax that is paying for it. £56 billion is a lot of money and it can only be spent once - a billion pounds has already been spent and £900m worth of contracts were issued last week yet increasing number of supermarkets allow people the option to give food to foodbanks to feed our most vulnerable and poor.

"Large sections of our society are fed by charity whilst others have an evangelical view that a fast train to London is our biggest priority.

"I have been against this project since it's inception and I am it's target audience as I travel by train from the North West to London at least once a week every week.

"As a citizen I can make some noise - but I would like our elected representatives to make a difference. It's time to pick a side Ed."

During his time as Labour leader Mr Miliband said he supported the HS2 project 'unequivocally'.

However, following the announcement in July this year that the route was set to come through the borough, potentially leading to the demolition of 200 homes in Mexborough, Mr Miliband said he was opposed to the spur route through South Yorkshire.

However, the backbench MP has maintained his support for HS2 in principle, saying he does not think the new route is the right choice for South Yorkshire specifically.