Come on Owls and er... play up United

Tears shed: Things can only get better son
Tears shed: Things can only get better son
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It’s been quite a week for celebrations.

First up came the Royal Wedding.

Fan of the Royals or not, Wills and Kate tying the knot got most of us an extra day off work.

Marry that with the May Day Bank Holiday and it gave us a nice long weekend.

What made it even better was the fact that the sun was shining throughout and how often does that happen?

Then the world began to party when the Americans made a mess of Osama Bin Laden’s bedroom carpet.

What a week indeed.

Still there always has to be something that spoils the party mood doesn’t there?

And, although it had most Wednesdayites in raptures, that something happened at Bramall Lane.

The relegation of Sheffield United came as no surprise having been very much on the cards for weeks.

But that didn’t mean it was any easier for Blades fans to take.

And what made it worse for the red and white part of the city were the jokes that followed.

Texts were flying here, there and everywhere within minutes of the final nail being banged into United’s coffin lid.

Don’t get me wrong, I reckon good old-fashioned banter is never a bad thing.

Both Owls and Blades know that if you dish it out then you’ve got to take it.

As a Wednesdayite myself I’ve had to put up with my share of ridicule.

At least Unitedites had an extra day off before they had to face their Wednesday supporting colleagues at work.

But joking aside, just what on earth is going on with Sheffield football?

It’s bad enough with one of our teams being in the third tier of English football let alone two.

For a city of this size it’s not acceptable.

Neither Wednesday or United’s loyal fans (some would call us mugs) should be facing a season where they need to travel to the likes of Yeovil, Colchester, Hartlepool and Rochdale.

For a city which is trying to market itself as being world class, the current plight of our football clubs is doing Sheffield’s image about as much good as the sorry state of the Moor and Castle Market areas.

It’s simply not good enough.

Okay, so it’s impossible to point the finger at why this has happened.

If we could identify those responsible they’d deserve a good kick up the backside.

But don’t ask the players to do it.

On current form they’d probably miss.

Let’s look on the bright side. At least we have a couple of derby games to look forward to.

And, daft as it sounds, there are signs that things might get better.

Wednesday are at least now out of debt. Down at Bramall Lane, United appear to have a crop of talented young players who, if the Blades manage to hold onto them, will do the club a power of good in the years to come.

Whatever happens the fans of both clubs will continue to part with their hard-earned in the hope that the good times are just around the corner.

And maybe this time the Owls and Blades will get it right and give Sheffield something to be proud of.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see both clubs promoted? With Wednesday finishing as champions, of course.