Come on NHS staff, sort yourselves out

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Recently, my wife went to get some special baby milk for our son, who has reflux, and none of the local Boots stores have any in stock.

She rang the health visitor to enquire whether he can have an alternative manufacturer and was told that someone would ring us back, but they never did.

Luckily, my wife rang Boots again today to find out if they’ve had any stock delivered and they had, so we bought them.

What about mothers who are in the same situation. Do they chance giving their baby a different type, hoping it will be OK if they can’t get any?

I am annoyed and frustrated that the health visitor didn’t ring us back, after all the years we have been working and paying into the NHS.

Come on, sort yourselves out before something serious happens.

David Forrest

Hepworth Drive, Swallownest, S26