Come on council let’s get back to basic services

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There has been much said recently about dog mess in certain areas of Sheffield but let’s not forget it is the owners who are too idle and ignorant to clean it up.

If you are one of those who does clean up and bag the poo, don’t then go and hang it on a tree or bush. Do you think it looks good?

However, after taking our dog for a walk around Meadow Gate lane at Rother Valley we noticed a dog bin that was crammed full of bags of poo.

Not only that but bags were piled on the floor around the bin as no more could be put in.

If owners are doing their bit to clean up, surely Sheffield Council should undertake to empty these receptacles.

When we got home, we contacted the council on the phone number displayed on the bin – 2037415.

Guess what, this was not the right department to deal with the problem.

I would therefore suggest that the correct phone number is displayed or is this expecting too much?

Some people take their poo bags home with them but now the council has a fortnightly bin collection, it starts to smell somewhat.

Instead of councillors going to Cannes on a taxpayer-funded holiday, or buying new chairs for staff or racing to be the first council to host a gay wedding – lets get back to basic services.


Sheffield, S12