Come and meet the creatures of the Enchanted Fairy Forest...

Enchanted Fairy Forest at Tropical Butterfly House
Enchanted Fairy Forest at Tropical Butterfly House
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The Enchanted Fairy Forest returns to the Tropical Butterfly House this week, where young visitors will be able to experience a magical fantasy world of pixie dwellings, dragons, fairy hideaways, and the beautiful White Witch’s Cottage.

For the adventerous, there’s also the Realm of Camelot playground, wtth exciting new play equipment, as well as an outdoor Wet Play area, and free tractor trailer rides.

Marketing manager Louise Larcombe said: “This spring half term, visitors will have the chance to go on fairy guided tours of the Enchanted Fairy Forest, and also experience amazing close-up animal encounters with lemurs, meerkats, owls, otters, and exotic animals, as well as the spectacular Animal and Bird Display, with presenters dressing up as magical creatures, especially for the events.”

The ‘Enchanted Fairy Forest’ opens on Saturday, and will run until June 4.