Columnist, Allie Dransfield: Proud to be a dance school mum

When I was a child myself and my sister took dance lessons, which I kept up from the age of three until I was 17.

At the time I didn’t really realise how much dedication my parents had. The lessons, show rehearsals, chaperoning, costume making, sequin sewing, show ticket purchasing, not to mention expense which came with all of this! They did it all willing – well maybe not the sequin sewing eh mum?

With a four year old daughter who loves to dance I decided to see if she fancied following in her mummy’s twinkletoed footsteps.

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If you watch the TV show Dance Moms then you will understand why I was a little apprehensive. Think tutus, tans and tantrums and that’s the mums not the kids!

Was there going to lots of arguing mums stating that their little one should be the star of the show or costume sabotage when it came to show week?

I really shouldn’t have worried as the dance school, Born to Perform Academy, is absolutely brilliant. For the last five months I have taken my daughter and soon after joining I was asked if she wanted to take part in the academy’s show. Without question she wanted to be involved, and secretly a part of me would have been disappointed if she hadn’t have wanted to. My inner dance mum had already started to manifest itself!

The show brought with it extra rehearsals which Isabella has taken in her stride and it’s given me the opportunity to meet lots of mums and make new friends.

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I haven’t witnessed one single argument, pushy mum or a child wearing more make up than Katie Price – all of which TV’s Dance Mom’s portrays.

Attending the dance school, and in particular my daughter’s teacher Miss Becky, has filled my daughter with confidence, given her experience of team work, led to new friendships and improved her listening and memory skills.

As I watched her make her debut in her first dance show at Rotherham Civic Theatre, just like I had done, my heart filled with pride and my eyes with tears. It was a moment I will cherish forever – just as my mum did with me and my sister. It made me realise how much my dancing helped develop me as a person and how much time, love and commitment my own parents gave me and my sister.

I really am looking forward to being a dance mum for many years.