COLUMN: Waiting for time is a fool’s game - Nicola Farah

Time to stop making excuses, and make some minutes
Time to stop making excuses, and make some minutes
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I’ve downloaded my app and I’m ready to get moving this July!

I’m not a football fan and have no allegiance to either the Blades or the Owls - sorry - but I think Move More Month might be just the inspiration I need to give my personal fitness a well-needed boost.

Three years ago I was an active person. I went to the gym, I did dance and Zumba classes, I took the stairs and genuinely enjoyed that achey post-workout feeling that kicked in a couple of days after a good ‘session.’

I want to roll my eyes at that person now, but it seems like too much effort.

My active lifestyle ground to a halt in September 2013 when I got pregnant. I was too tired to do much of anything those first four months (building a human being is exhausting!) and then decided I was too big to do much of anything after that.

But that was okay, I told myself I’d get back to it when my daughter was born and had visions of cooking myself healthy lunches and doing a little workout in the living room while my infant snoozed peacefully in her Moses basket.


I spent the first three months of my daughter’s existence in a sleep-deprived haze. I made some half-hearted gym efforts in the last months of my maternity leave, but once I got back to work, all thoughts of ‘popping’ to an class or ‘nipping’ to the gym were quickly cast aside. For working parents of a baby, mummy and daddy duty means your day starts hours before you arrive at the office and doesn’t end until your head hits the pillow that night. Even then, your nights are disturbed by every whimper - and sometimes full out cry - from the precious figure on the glowing screen of the baby monitor.

So I put it off, telling myself I’d wait until I had ‘more time.’

My daughter has now just turned two and I’m beginning to realise that waiting for ‘more time’ is a fool’s game. We wait and we wait, and meanwhile our waistlines expand and our clothes no longer fit and it’s not too long before our children aren’t getting the best version of us anymore - the version that has the energy to run and play with them in the garden, to chase them around the dining room, that has the confidence to don a bathing suit and take them swimming.

We could spend our lives waiting for time - that will never come - or we can make time and start this July.

Are you with me?