Column: Our true grit reaps rewards

Our sub-region has much to be proud of, all of which deserves celebrating.

Patrick Mileady
Patrick Mileady

South Yorkshire is a leading sport region.

How sport is practised in our area today is influenced by a number of factors, including our four seasons, our history, our geographic and social diversity.

Our sport system allows all segments of society to get involved in sport at all levels and in all forms of participation.

From childhood to adulthood, sport is part of a healthy, active lifestyle

We have seen elite athletes from our area performing superbly well in the Rio Olympics and no doubt others to in the forthcoming Rio Paralympics, following, their years of gruelling dedication to their sporting fields.

They are all attaining so much, through being supported by our region’s exemplary coaches and teams, and being able to train in world- class facilities such as the English Institute of Sport and Sheffield International Venues.

Our International sporting days are not over after Rio, as we will be looking forward to hosting the 10th Special Olympics, here in Sheffield in 2017, where elite Special Olympians from all over the world, including some from our region, will converge in our sporting venues, to compete to bring home the medals and honours for their respective nations after years of hard work, and the dedication and excellent coaching from their coaches and support teams.

All of our athletes’ attainments and contributions enrich our region and are testament to the South Yorkshire true grit of never giving up and always giving 100 per cent.

In addition to the input given to the sporting elite in our area, we are blessed in South Yorkshire to also have paid and unpaid staff striving to support sport , development and pursuits for all.

They contribute to the health and wellbeing of our area, as well as to our economy, community cohesion, learning and other attainments. Many are unsung heroes who are so very deserving of thanks for all they do.

In Pitsmoor, we recently hosted our very own Pitsmoor Olympics, supported by South Yorkshire Sport.

These free opportunities for experiencing sport in high-quality open-access play facilities enable children to participate in different sports, exploring, experimenting and creating firm foundations to develop their interest in sports.

Sports activities bring people and communities together for enjoyment and fun.