Column: life is for living, not wasting

Lemy, of Motorhead, who has died aged 70.
Lemy, of Motorhead, who has died aged 70.
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It felt like the day good music died.

First the shocking news legendary Motorhead frontman Lemmy had died and then word filtered through that John ‘Brad’ Bradbury, The Specials’ drummer, had too.

It’s now emerged former Newcastle United goalkeeper Pavel Srnick has died at 47. It makes you realise how short life can be.

My Christmas began with the dreadful news a friend (and fellow music fanatic) had died. Trevor was a brilliant journalist I’d worked with 20 years ago.

His death from a sudden heart attack at the age of 51 left me reeling. But it also put things into perspective.

Life can often be shockingly short, and it is for living, not wasting. So, although I begin the New Year a little heartbroken, it makes me determined not to waste another moment

I never had a big brother, but that’s how I considered Trev. Many moons ago when a female boss gave me a difficult time as the only female reporter, Trev decided to get his own back. One day he made her a cup of tea.

I can’t tell you what he put in it, but it didn’t injure or make her ill. It did, however, make everyone else gag as they watched her gulp it down. Another target was a chauvinistic colleague who didn’t believe a ‘silly woman’ could do the job. One day he screamed abuse at me.

Trev told me not to worry because he was having a game of football with him that evening. I presumed he was going to have a word, so you can imagine my horror when the man hobbled in on crutches . He explained he’d been caught up in a rough challenge by rugby-playing Trev. Although I don’t condone violence, it seemed to work because the man never bothered me again.

A few years later, I was at Trev’s wedding, and he at mine. Years later, we spoke after he and his wife had sadly parted. By this time they had two gorgeous girls - both the apple of his eye - but sadly he never lived long enough to watch them marry, or become mothers.

With the New Year upon us I’ve made a vow never to put off things I’ll regret. Thankfully I’d called Trev last year. As soon as we spoke it was as though I’d seen him the day before. 
I’m glad I made that call. If Trev had died without that or our subsequent, hilarious, conversations, I would’ve found it unbearable. If you have friends you cherish, don’t putoff tomorrow what you can do today.

Ever the comedian, Trev’s final words to me were several jokes he’d sent over by text. He signed off in his usual customary fashion - ‘Love ya, V.’

Trev was a great man, an honorary brother, and a very dear friend. I just hope heaven is soundproofed, because with Trev, Brad and Lemmy, there’s going to be one hell of a party.