Column: Help beat the Marmite crisis

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It’s coming to that time of year again. Kids have a highlighter pen to hand, the Argos or Smyths catalogue is excitedly defaced at every opportunity.

The pressure builds for families to make it the best Christmas ever. This causes huge stresses and strains for many families.

They say the economy is on a downward spiral and the pound is weak even the price of Marmite has hit headlines!

Many mums take on extra jobs, sell their crafts, or start their own network marketing business often referred to as MLM or direct sales.

I’ve been there worn the T-shirt and love every minute of being home based, balancing family life, caring and building a business.

I’m not attached to any network marketing company but I love the energy that line of work provides and the opportunities for those involved.

I love to work with women who run businesses and work from home helping them gain the confidence to fly with their business without compromising on family values.

Did you see the summer hit from ITV, Brief Encounters?

It told the story of the growth of Ann Summers in Sheffield during the ’80s. It was funny, great to watch as a Sheffielder and empowering for the characters. The women whose husbands were falling on hard times stepped up to the mark and began to make money, they gained confidence and they supported their families.

With the current climate of the country many women may be taking those steps, selling products ranging from lipsticks, candles and anti-ageing products to water filters, home crafts and insurance.

If they get the opportunity, it fits around their families and it could mean a bigger turkey on the table at Christmas, and who can blame them?

I will be supporting my friends who run their own businesses.

I will do my Christmas shopping from the crafters, the consultants and the representatives.

I urge you to do the same, support that friend rather than whispering behind their back and hiding their post from your timeline.

Don’t set them up to fail. Give them an order for a candle and check out their website or catalogue.

Tell your friends about their services and let them tell you about their latest venture.

Support them as a local business as they support their families by putting the turkey on the table.

Let’s help each other during the Marmite crisis.