Colourful convoy of cars on its way

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A Dutch international car event is coming to Sheffield in order to raise funds for charity.

The ‘Cannonball Run’ event began in Holland and, via Belgium, is now wending its way up the British Isles, with those taking part driving in novelty cars.

While not a race, each car has to carry a certain theme. There are currently 200 people in the convoy, driving 60 unique automobiles.

The colourful event is set to arrive in Sheffield on July 23, with the cars expected to enter the city at around 8pm.

Dutch band DeDraadKwijt will be playing English and Dutch music at the finish line, which is yet to be confirmed. Entrance will be free to the site, although donations will be encouraged.

Among the cars travelling are several classics and models of entertaining variety, including classic British sports cars and modified London taxis and Transit vans.