Collins Dictionary earning its keep

Happy to hear that Ms Richardson has a Collins Dictionary.

Thursday, 5th October 2017, 07:02 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 01:00 am

I have two both of which define allude as ‘to refer to indirectly’. Neither gives the definition as simply ‘to refer to’. Nor does Macmillan.

Still on the subject of definitions, a rant is your letter of the 23rd. Not my response to it. Check with Collins if you are in doubt.

Regarding my comment that you should carry on writing about the trees. If you seek to answer in one letter two people who are making very different points there is a danger of misunderstanding creeping in.

Concerned that you might be somewhat confused I wished to make my position clear.

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I have never opposed your campaign or suggested that you abandon it and in honesty I do not believe that you can point to anything that I have written to substantiate any claim that I may have done.

However please do not let that stop you. It hasn’t so far.

I am afraid that I still cannot see what the words of Len McCluskey, a Trade Union leader giving an interview in that capacity at the TUC Annual Conference, have to do with SCC and the actions that they do or do not take, however objectionable you may find them or their absence.

I do note that we have now gone from irony through analogy to hypocrisy.

Collins earning its keep but you still do not answer my original question which I will not bother asking again.

I don’t wish to put you to the trouble of adding simile and metaphor to your list although you may want to consider looking up paranoid.

Stephen Crowther