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New Barnsley College TV show launches
New Barnsley College TV show launches
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Four Barnsley College media students have launched a new TV show on YouTube, for anyone interested in college life.

Latest news and events will feature fortnightly on the college’s ‘Red Show TV’ channel, and will be produced, filmed and edited solely by the college’s media students.

Nik Brear

Nik Brear

Thomas Abbott, Tom Ogley, Dylan Shaw and Lewis Knowles initially set up Red Show TV to double up as work experience in the media industry. Their idea rapidly developed into a proposal to form a society within the college’s Students’ Union and was soon given the go-ahead along with a budget to buy promotional merchandise.

The students have held meetings with heads of departments and industry professionals in their own time to gain as much knowledge as possible about filming, marketing and advertising. By the end of the year, the society hopes to have achieved the foundations of an independent film society.

Student Services Learner Voice Advisor, Claire Hill, said: “The students from Red Show TV came to the Students’ Union with this amazing idea for a society. We loved their aims and objectives of adding value to the Students’ Union and making student lives better by encouraging them to create their own experiences. We really look forward to seeing this society develop and what this year brings for its members.”

Dylan, 17, of Phillip Road, Barnsley, added: “It’s such an exciting prospect knowing that we are starting a new adventure for the college. All students are invited to join our team whether it’s for fun or just for some work experience with media equipment.”

The first broadcast of the TV show will air after half term via YouTube channel, ‘Red TV Show.’