Collecting green waste

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A REVAMPED garden waste collection service is being launched in parts of Sheffield where residents do not have a green bin - after complaints about the current system.

Residents were unhappy about having to leave bags filled with waste outside for sometimes days at a time, due to an ad-hoc collection system, and that contractor Veolia refused to pick up waste unless it was in official bags.

But, from Monday, June 20, Sheffield Council and Veolia are starting a new system which will operate until October and involves collections every four weeks on a scheduled day, rather than on an ad hoc basis as at present, and people will be able to provide their own green sacks - up to six of which can be collected at a time.

Previously, only official sacks provided by contractor, Veolia, could be used.

Official green sacks are still available, however, with residents able to collect up to six green sacks at a time free of charge from local libraries and housing offices.