Cocktail of tablets killed young man

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A TROUBLED young man who secretly slipped his friends’ prescription drugs into his pocket collapsed and died when he took a deadly cocktail of the pills.

Liam Langfield, who had been dependent on alcohol since he was a young boy, died at a friend’s flat in Highfields, Doncaster, with up to five different medications in his system.

The 23-year-old could not be revived by close friend Ricky Smith, who attended the Doncaster inquest and told Liam’s parents at the end of his evidence: “Your Liam was my best mate and I loved him to pieces and I’m sorry for your loss.”

Liam’s mother, Gail Langfield, said their family moved from Bentley to Woodlands to escape the ‘bad crowd’ he had fallen in with when he was about 10, but he stayed away from school and was regularly getting drunk before he volunteered to go into care because it would ‘be more fun’.

Mr Smith, of Coppice Road, said he was prescribed a number of different drugs for pain relief, depression and drug withdrawal, which he didn’t hide away.

“It was my flat, I shouldn’t have to hide my stuff,” he said. “I didn’t suspect Liam was taking it.”

Another friend, Steve Austin, said he occasionally noticed some of his tablets were going missing but didn’t suspect Liam was taking them from his home in Church Street, Bentley.

“It is possible Liam took them and I wouldn’t notice,” he said. “At no time had I given him any of my drugs.”

The autopsy on Liam, whose last address was Watch House Lane, Bentley, showed death was due to toxicity of the combined drugs, some of which acted on his brain to depress his breathing.

Det Sgt Andy Shiels said Liam was not taking any prescribed drug and there was no evidence that any third party played a role in his death.

The officer said Liam was at ‘a very low ebb’ in his life but there was nothing to suggest he wanted to end his own life.

Recording an accidental death verdict, Doncaster Coroner Nicola Mundy said: “I believe he did take these drugs from friends, but not with the intention of harming himself.”