Cockerels disturbing community’s peace prompt council inquiry

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A PARISH council chairman is carrying out an investigation into complaints that crowing cockerels on allotments in a former mining village are a noise nuisance.

Coun John Swift, chairman of Treeton Parish Council, is carrying out the investigation after complaints that the noisy cocks are disturbing the sleep of people living near the allotments.

The parish council chairman is launching the probe after the council received a letter of complaint from a resident living near the allotments behind Treeton Church of England Primary School.

Rotherham Council Environmental Health department has also been in contact with the tenant of the allotment concerned.

But the department has since discovered that there are cockerels on two other allotments.

Coun Swift, who is also a member of the borough council, said he had agreed to investigate the situation.

He said the parish council had decided some time ago that cockerels should not be allowed on allotments because of possible noise nuisance to nearby families.

Coun Swift said: “Cockerels crowing early in a morning can be a noise nuisance to people trying to sleep especially when bedroom windows are open in the summer.

“I am investigating the situation and will be reporting back to the next meeting when the parish council will decide what action to take.”