Cobnar Cottage

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In the last two weeks, The Star reported several times on Cobnar Cottage at Woodseats.

It has been declared a surplus asset by Sheffield City Council. It has no operational or functional use for the maintenance of Graves Park. Disposing of it would realise a capital receipt for reinvesting in the park, as well as providing the opportunity for someone to create a home.

Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg has called on Sheffield Council to dispose of all surplus assets to reduce the cuts it will have to implement.

These cuts are a result of Mr Clegg’s government’s decisions to take resources and spending-power from Sheffield to give to Surrey.

Lib Dem councillors and letter writers object to the disposal of the surplus asset that is Cobnar Cottage, although they have no alternative use for it whilst it remains in council ownership.

What are we to make of this?

Howard A Knight

Lyons Street, S4