Club supports its stewards

An Owls fan led away by stewards at Brighton
An Owls fan led away by stewards at Brighton
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Stewards who wrestled a Sheffield Wednesday fan to the ground when he ran onto the pitch to celebrate his team’s win at Brighton have received support for their actions.

The stewards intervened when a 20-year-old Owls fan, from Pontefract, ran onto the pitch at Brighton and Hove Albion’s ground after his team won their first game of the season.

An Owls fan led away by stewards at Brighton

An Owls fan led away by stewards at Brighton

Stewards initially struggled to apprehend the fan, but eventually caught up with him and pulled him to the ground to restrain him.

He was then led away from the pitch and arrested by police, before being released with a caution.

Some Sheffield Wednesday fans have complained to Sussex Police about the actions of Brighton stewards.

But a Brighton club spokesman said the stewards are being supported.

“The unwelcome incident involved one Sheffield Wednesday supporter who, against the law, encroached onto the pitch after the final whistle before resisting the intervention of stewards - kicking two of them in the process,” he said.

“The individual was restrained and subsequently arrested.

“Brighton and Hove Albion do not tolerate any spectator behaviour that has the potential to threaten the safety or security of players, match officials, staff or other supporters.

“Had the individual in question remained in the visitors’ area the unsavoury incident would have been avoided altogether.

“The incident was captured in full on the stadium’s CCTV. This footage was reviewed by the club’s safety officer and the police match commander at the time of the incident and again after the match.

“The club and police are entirely satisfied that the club’s stewards acted appropriately and proportionately to the situation they were facing at all times.

“This footage has been made available to Sussex Police.”