Club night violence

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I am writing this letter about my concern for the recent news which has been published about the violence which has taken place on Carver Street, licensed establishments aka Viper Rooms etc. and other associated night clubs.

I feel, even in a sensationalist article, the level of violence and intimidation in these areas, has not been stressed enough.

I have been victim to assaults in these night clubs, and have witnessed severe violence. I feel it is my duty as a citizen of Sheffield to emphasise the danger these clubs cause to many young men and women.

I will be making the universities of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam, local paper, radio stations and MPs aware of my concern about the rising levels of violence in these areas.

Opening hours are being extended, people working early shifts in unrelated work are exposed to drunken violence, and little is being done about these problems. They are merely swept under the carpet.

If Sheffield is to remain the beautiful city that it once was, change needs to happen. However, I have no faith in any authority’s capability to even attempt to control these issues, That is why I do not give my name, email or postal address, as any resulting reply I am sure would be simple lip-service.