Clownish bus changes

city centre buses
city centre buses
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In reply to Lorraine Rickets (October 30), my sentiments exactly, Lorraine.

Looks like the lunatics are running the asylum down at the Town Hall again.

How about this one, I live on the Shiregreen estate and we have the 47/48 bus which acts as a circular once it’s on our estate.

Although they’re not 100 per cent reliable they take you to town and back.

It also stops at the Northern General Hospital, which is ideal for people such as myself who make regular trips to the hospital.

Now anyone who knows the Northern will know that once inside the grounds,it’s a bit of an uphill hike.

According to the new route this bus is now going to bypass Barnsley Road and instead go via Page Hall.

So before starting your climb uphill to your designated deptartment we are now going to have to scale a fair chunk on Barnsley Road first.

I think this is a major bus route which goes from the north to the south of Sheffield to help people get to one of Europe’s largest hospitals.

Thanks to the clown who thought this up, I’m going to have to get a taxi now because I just cannot walk that kind of distance.Thanks again.

Ted Fowler, (OAP)

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