Closing time at Robin Hood pub

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on Sunday the doors of the Robin Hood and Little John pub in Little Matlock close for the last time and the Rev Thomas and Martha Halliday’s little venture finally comes to an end.

Crocodile tears from Tuck? Well it’s not been my habit to go in there for a few years.

But at least this beautiful historic building will be spared the indignity of his contemporary and near neighbour, Dial House, at the mercy of weak planning legislation, tardy developers and a lack of knights on steeds from the planning department.

It won’t fall into ruination like so much in our valley and let’s hope the pub sign is kept, as requested by some of us. And why is the Loxley Valley Protection Society taking an interest in the Bell Hagg in the Rivelin Valley?

As public houses go the way of all flesh, I’d ask one thing: can some pub in the area take on the mantle of Cakin Night? Perhaps the Wisewood Inn?

Ron Clayton (becoming PC), S6

Support for path diversion

we support the re-routing of a public right of way outside Dransfield’s retail development, Stocksbridge, to help create a multi-functional green corridor.

Green access routes give people access to nature, reducing stress and enhancing well-being. Wildlife also needs green corridors for migration.

An interconnected landscape allows ecosystems to be more robust and better able to cope with the many pressures on them such as development and habitat loss.

This part of the Don Valley also forms part of a wider, strategically important ecological network, the Living Don. The need for high quality green infrastructure is also becoming apparent.

Hopefully, people will see the bigger picture and see this for what it is: chance to create something special that benefits people and wildlife, which becomes a real asset for the local community.

Roy Mosley, Head of Operations, Wildlife Trust of Sheffield & Rotherham