Closing gap on exam success

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WE are closing the gap on educational achievement in the city.

Earlier this year we reported on the improvement in GCSE attainment at our secondary schools with pupils’ A-C grade successes nearing the national average.

Today that improvement is being reflected with our Key Stage Two primary school pupils. Attainment has leaped four percentage points with 75 per cent of pupils reaching the preferred standard of level four in their tests.

This is the reward being reaped from a big focus that was put on exam performance by our schools and the city council.

There is still some distance to be made up to match the national average and of course our aspiration should be higher than that.

But it is significant progress that should be celebrated.

A royal visit to mark anniversary

TWENTY five years ago The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, visited The Star’s offices to mark our centenary year.

Yesterday he returned to York Street to help us to celebrate 125 years of newspaper publishing and he learned about a much-changed industry.

Back in 1987 the internet was hardly established as a mass means of communi cation, there was no talk of social media and mobile phones had only just been invented.

But there has been one constant during that time and that is the role of The Star providing our readership and online audience with news, sport, features, entertainment, comment and opinion about the lives of people living here.

We have adapted to changes in technology to enable us to bring people the information they want as quickly as we can. And it was this message the Duke of York was keen to learn about - how in these fast-changing times, we can continue to keep pace with the speed of communication to bring people the information they can trust.

We are delighted to be celebrating our 125th anniversary and to have had this royal visit to mark the occasion.

Care to car share?

OPENING some bus lanes to drivers carrying passengers in the car is a sensible and welcome move.

It is an initiative prompted by the expectation that roads in the city will become more congested during the highways repair programme, which will start next year.

Let us hope it encourages car sharing which in turn reduces the number of vehicles on the road.