Clever dog impresses walkers in Sheffield park after learning to play fetch by himself

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A Sheffield dog has become the envy of all pet owners - after learning how to play fetch all by himself.

Walkers in Endcliffe Park were left stunned over the weekend as they watched the pup cleverly devise a way of throwing the ball to himself.

Dog in Sheffield - Credit: Twitter @djsantero

Dog in Sheffield - Credit: Twitter @djsantero

The dog's owners watched on impressed as it managed to manoeuvre the ball from the path down into the brook below.

Adorable footage shows the excitable dog pacing around with its beloved ball in its mouth, searching for the perfect slope.

The dog then drops the ball at the top of the slope before racing down into the brook to watch it drop down.

It then searches for the ball as it bobs in the water; grabbing it in it mouth and bounding out of the shot.

The dog then appears seconds later with the ball still in its mouth, dropping it back in its original spot before preparing to start the whole process again.

Onlookers said the dog was having "the time of its life" as it played fetch by himself.