Clegg warning of a difficult year ahead

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SHEFFIELD Hallam MP and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has told fellow Liberal Democrats the coming year ‘poses many great challenges’ - but that the Government remains focused on its ‘economic rescue mission’.

Mr Clegg made the comments in a New Year message to party members.

In his video message, he said: “There are no easy years when you are in government.

“When I recorded this message last year, I spoke about how the most important job for Liberal Democrats was dealing with the economic problems we inherited.

“Some 12 months on, that task remains the number one priority.

“We have had to make some very difficult decisions, but they’ve been the right ones for the long-term good of our country - a country at risk of falling prey to the international markets has been pulled back from the brink.”

Mr Clegg highlighted how Liberal Democrat policies are being implemented by the Coalition to help some of Britain’s poorest people, through increased pupil premium scheme payments to schools and lifting nearly one million low-paid workers out of paying income tax.