Clegg should stand up for us

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Nick Clegg said people will see they are ‘making compromises for the long term benefit of the country’ (Jan 20).

The Government is selling off forests to private concerns,. What exactly would the long-term benefit be of selling off the Upper Derwent Valley?

Satisfaction with the NHS is at an all time high, but that’s not enough for the Coalition. What is the long term benefit of losing thousands of jobs and giving the remains of the NHS to businesses?

The Coalition is covered in as much spin and PR as Labour ever was. We’re told the private sector will pick up the public sector jobs, but the private sector is in trouble. We’re told bankers will be punished, but they’re being paid more than ever.

We’re told ‘we’re all in this together’. To be fair most of us are...up to our necks. But the coalition still forges ahead, up that creek, without a paddle.

Selling off assets and making massive cuts to public and charitable services will damage the economy. We’ll spend less now, but will chase ever increasing debt as jobs go and less taxes are paid.

I can see no ‘long term benefit’. It’s not what we voted for, and we can’t afford another four years.

Jason Leman, Green Party