Clegg attacks Labour shifting stance on cuts

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LIB DEM leader Nick Clegg has attacked Labour for its change of heart on Government cuts – after the party campaigned heavily in Sheffield against the coalition’s austerity measures.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Hallam MP said he had been ‘vilified’ in a campaign by Labour when initial savings were announced, now Labour has announced it would not reverse any coalition cuts if elected.

Trade unions depicted Mr Clegg as ‘Clegzilla’ in a poster which showed him as a destroyer of public services.

Mr Clegg said: “Labour’s stance is increasingly confused. We have had Labour vilifying myself and the Government for making very difficult decisions and they refuse to apologise for creating the mess we are in.

“They are now saying they won’t reverse any cuts but still oppose cuts and won’t tell us where they would make savings. The least Labour could do in Sheffield is to be up front and straight forward.

“They say they don’t like the cuts but wouldn’t reverse them – I’ve no idea what they stand for.”

Mr Clegg has also defended plans to cap housing benefits at £21,000 a year after opposition from senior Lib Dems.