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As with F Childs (Mar 6), I am a local resident of Fraser Estate and have been for many years, living adjacent to Barbers Field.

I must respond to some of his more sweeping and dogmatic generalisations.

The council does have the option and right to build on this land and if it suited their needs or purposes, would undoubtedly do so.

The last TARA meeting I attended, there were six present in audience, three from Olivent Road, not strictly in the scope of TARA, but still local.

My own experience with Friends of Barbers Field is very different from Mr Childs. Certainly I’ve never noticed an unwillingness on their part to listen to residents nor was any consultation, as he says, ‘unrealistic’.

His statement ‘residents do not want more trees’ is at best strongly debatable. He does not speak for me and many like me. This odd and curious antipathy to the trees, led to the uprooting and vandalisation of the two small fruit trees planted by children.

He adds: ‘Anything FOBF have done is usually by rangers.’ Simply not true, from my observations.

‘Regulars, daily clear rubbish’ is his most misleading allegation. Maybe a minority do so, but there is always evidence left by dog walkers. Daily. Despite the ‘clearance’.

Every Sunday morning FOBF do a litter pick, always resulting in a fair amount of rubbish, despite the ‘regulars daily clearance’.

On a recent Sunday, it being very wet, the volunteers were soaked, having also spent considerable time planting bulbs for wild flowers.

His last remark is about ‘nuisance areas’ and ‘playgrounds in middle of estates’ causing anti-social behaviour.

The ones causing nuisance used to congregate on a bridge, at the end of a gennell and drive. The problem was always there. They’ve simply moved up.

Better to be fair-minded, and operate without prejudice, than rush into print with unsubstantiated allegations.

BV Bolton, Fraser Dr, S8