Clean-up campaign turns tip into beauty spot

Blackburn Brook area before clean up
Blackburn Brook area before clean up
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RIVERSIDE land in Sheffield used as an unofficial dump is now green and pleasant.

Environment Agency workers Craig Conway and Andy Isham, carried out a clean-up of the River Don and Blackburn Brook around Wincobank.

They removed waste including old car tyres - and have been praised by legendary boxing trainer Brendan Ingle, who regularly goes out on litter picks around the neighbourhood with his boxers.

Brendan, who is heading a campaign called Love Wincobank to encourage people to take a pride in the area, said: “The lads have done a fantastic job, the waterways look so much better.

“We are very fortunate to have the Don and Blackburn Brook running through our village with all the wildlife they attract. But they have also got to be kept clear because the rubbish contributes to the risk of flooding.

“Many will remember that water levels reached 4.5 metres in the 2007 floods.”

Residents plan to work with the Environment Agency to put together a management plan for the waterways, designated a wildlife habitat.