Clean Marti’s memorial!

Sheffield's 'hidden' public art. Sheen - sandstone and stainless steel grid at the top of Howard Street, dedicated to Sheffield-born comedian Marti Caine. Picture: Chris Etchells
Sheffield's 'hidden' public art. Sheen - sandstone and stainless steel grid at the top of Howard Street, dedicated to Sheffield-born comedian Marti Caine. Picture: Chris Etchells
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My fellow reprobate and Star contributor Vin Malone brings up something I keep boring your readers with, (one of many), the state of the memorial to the late Marti Caine on the corner of Howard Street and Arundel Gate.

It was in a deplorable condition the last time I looked. Isn’t it about time this was renovated? Is it a civic memorial?

In a city with two universities, a Civic Trust and ambitions to City of Culture status, (again), did anyone actually think we would get Channel Four even chucking in part of Park Hill as part of the equasion? Such a renovation is surely achievable.

Sheffield has got some tremendous stuff to offer re: culture but needs a thunderflash up its rear end all too often and, on this occasion, someone or some organisation to show some leadership and responsibility and sort it.

Or am I wasting my time?

Ron Clayton

Sheffield, S6

Put plaque by church hall

Having known Peter Stringfellow since 1960, I found him a very kind and generous man. He never forgot his roots and his love of Sheffield.

But I feel he would not want a plaque outside our Sheffield Town Hall, rather a plaque outside St Aidan’s Church Hall on City Road, his first club, The Black Cat Club, one of the first homes of Sheffield rock ‘n roll live bands. The place his story started.

B Needham

Sheffield, S12

Magid’s fan club member

In relation to my letter, (He may not survive his year in office, July 28) I’m very keen to emphasise that however harsh the second part of my letter may have appeared to be, I’m still a member of Magid’s fan club!

Okay, I still think that the ‘don’t kiss a Tory’ comment was a bad move, even in jest, and fear he could be booted out if such remarks were to be repeated. However, if he ‘reins it in’, just a tad, and keeps any strong political views in a box, as required in his role, I’m sure he could still serve Sheffield well, despite what the naysayers (of which I’m not one, contrary to what my letter may have suggested) may be emphasising.

As a naturally open and spontaneous individual, yes, I still think he’ll struggle to keep it politically neutral. I know I would myself if I was in his role as I’m legendary for my outspoken-ness!

I hope he’ll prove me wrong though because Sheffield will be a duller place without him.

Keep on being yourself, Magid, but just be careful!

CM Langan

Beauchief, Sheffield, S8

Time with NHS ‘angels’

Recently I was unfortunate enough to be admitted to the Doncaster Royal Infirmary, and with this being my first experience of being in a hospital I did not know what to expect.

But I would now like, through your paper, to thank everyone from the ambulance crew, doctors and nurses and even the catering staff, for their sheer dedication and for their care. Nothing was too much trouble for them to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The NHS, like many public services, is being squeezed by this Tory government, but when you read about management and shareholders receiving stupid amounts of money for doing next to nothing, then no wonder this country is in the mire.

They were spouting off in the media about the highest pay rise for nearly a decade, a measly 3.5%. Is this what the Tories think is a decent pay rise for our NHS workers?

Don’t let this government ruin our NHS, because if things don’t alter fast then we will have no NHS as we know it. Every one of you is an angel.

S Exelby


It’s in your blood you see

So EB Warris thinks it’s not too long before Sheffield has not got a football team. I have been going to the Lane since 1967 and have been from the top flight to division 4 and back again in that time and stood by them through thick and thin and I suspect many followers of both sides are the same.

I don’t know a Blade or Owl who would consider a merger, it’s in your blood you see. You’re either red and white, or blue and white and we wouldn’t want it any other way. A few facts. United’s last big trophy was the FA Cup in 1925. Wedneday last won it in 1935 - although they won the League Cup in 1991 - and yet both sides managed to average gates of around 26,000 last season playing at the second level. That’s nearly 52,000 between them; not bad for two under achieving clubs that have been starved of success. They say Manchester fans, Scouse fans and Geordies are the greatest fans in the land depending on who you talk to. It makes me wonder if these clubs would have got anywhere near the gates Sheffield gets if they had our level of success. By the way both clubs have been poorly run since the Second World War and why neither can get investment even on a scale like Bournemouth, Huddersfield etc is a mystery. So celebrate your clubs EB Warris,because until the jackpot drops in at S2 or S6 that’s the way it’s going to be. PS It’s not bickering it’s banter.

Dave Hudson

Sheffield, S5

Fan’s concern

I was present at Hillsborough on the North Stand on Saturday for the friendly with Villareal. Unusual for me because I used to attend Bramall Lane as a boy! The fans are a credit to the club, and it was so nice to see several young children amongst the crowd. If they attend regularly, they will certainly remember their trips to Hillsborough.

However, I was concerned with the narrow aisles and gangways, and also the narrow exit from the gangways to outside the ground. This works well enough normally only because the supporters are so well mannered and don’t like to push. But I anticipate fans getting crushed in stampedes if there is a bomb scare or a loud explosion. Or a warning on the PA system. So many people crammed together with very little space between the seats, aisles and gangways etc is a concern.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11