Clean living an example for all

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WE often take the work done by our street cleaners for granted.

So how nice it is to hear that the efforts of one hardworking and enthusiastic member of Rotherham’s street cleansing team have been recognised.

Step forward Adam Barlow and take a bow – you thoroughly deserve to, according to your boss Andy Roddis.

He nominated Adam as Rotherham Council’s Young Person of the Year, saying he was always prepared to go that extra mile to ensure streets in the town were kept spick and span.

And the judges were so impressed they handed the 20-year-old from Meadowbank the much sought after award.

Wouldn’t it be nice if those who littered our streets in the first place were more diligent?

Their thoughtless and lazy actions are a disgrace, but at least the evidence doesn’t hang around thanks to Adam and his fellow workers.

Keep up the good work Adam and may others follow your example.

Pictures show the heat of the action

SHEFFIELD, as is universally recognised, is a city built on metal and men of mettle.

The steel industry was, for more than two centuries, the city’s biggest employer.

Today there is more of the stuff produced here than ever before.

There is also something of a growing cottage industry in books about the trade.

Barely a month passes without another tome on our industrial heritage.

But few are as powerful as the new release by Elsecar lad Geoffrey Howse – a photographic history of the steel trade.

His book’s pictures capture the heat, the hardness and the intimacy of this trade.

More than that they capture the spirit of the men toiling in those great factories, foundries, mills and workshops.

We salute Geoffrey – and every one of those workers of steel.

Can-do attitude

WENDY Ward faces a trio of debilitating diseases every day of her life.

Yet, she has not only managed to bring up two children – enough of a task in itself – she had also launched her own successful business and is now looking to expand.

Wendy’s determination to overcome her medical condition and help others to create their own successful companies is an example to us all.

She would have plenty of excuses if she chose to do nothing.

But, rather than give in, she has found a way around her ailments.

Wendy looked at what she can do, rather than focusing on what she can’t.

And that’s a lesson we can all benefit from when we suffer setbacks in life.