Class stability is essential

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WE’RE sure parents will hope the right choice has been made for the new principal of Sheffield Springs Academy. For Chris Mulqueen is the sixth person to take over the academy – one of the first to be established here – in six years.

That must inevitably mean there has been a degree of instability passed on to pupils, who need continuity more than anything else if they are to make the most of their education.

However, with a succession of principals bringing fresh ideas, there must have been an amount of disturbance over the last six years.

In fact, some pupils will have known nothing other than disruption throughout their time at Springs Academy.

Congratulations to woodland team

A MILLION pounds is a lot of money to raise at the best of times. But during the current economic downturn the prospect of finding that amount of cash must be daunting beyond measure.

That is why we are full of admiration for the Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham, which is steadfastly going about the job of buying 26 hectares of Greno Woods to complete the jigsaw of securing the future of one of the city’s biggest woodlands.

It is also why we offer heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Veolia Environmental Trust who have provided £18,000 towards this huge target.

The money will allow the conservation group working on the woods to carry out vital work which will protect and enhance the area. This includes fencing the heathland to allow conservation grazing, put up bird boxes, create additional woodland edge habitat and construct a pond to create additional wetland habitat.

We look forward to the day when we can report that these beautiful ancient woods have been conserved for many future generations to come.

Rizni’s on his way

SHEFFIELD people are tough devils. Take Rizni Marzook, from Crosspool, for example. Just two years ago he suffered a heart attack, which would have deeply alarmed Rizni as his father died of the same condition at an early age.

But now Rizni, thanks to help from the city’s health professionals, is back to full health and planning to run the Sheffield Half Marathon this month. And big-hearted Rizni is taking the opportunity to say a big thank-you to the people who put him back on his feet by raising sponsorship for the British Heart Foundation. If you get chance, cheer him on...or, better still, sponsor him and help the charity too!