Claptrap doesn’t fool

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Congratulations to Dan Jarvis for convincingly winning the seat for Labour in the Barnsley bye election. It was a treat to see the smirk wiped from the face of our dear friend Mr Clegg.

The lies he told the electorate last May are coming home to roost. and long may it continue to be so.

I am more than pleased that the Tories too suffered because of the savage cuts imposed by the self-confessed son of Thatcher, David Cameron. People in this part of the world have long memories, Mr Cameron.

Mr Clegg should remember this when he gets into bed with the nasty Tory party and agree with every savage and cruel cut they impose on the most vulnerable in our society. Obviously he has to suffer the consequences at the ballot box.

This will all make for a really positive time for Lib Dem delegates in Sheffield next week. I cannot believe this event will cost us up to £2 million pounds to police. What a disgusting waste of money at this difficult time when police officers are to be made redundant. Tough on crime, Mr Cameron? I really don’t think so. Big Society? Bunkum!

We have all seen how growth figures for the last quarter of 2010 were revised downward again the other week. It will be more than interesting to see whether this next quarter’s growth figures show whether we are heading for a double dip recession, because of George Osbourne’s intransigence and unwillingness to even consider a plan B for the economy.

Is it not time for the Government to start to accept some responsibility for the economy? After all they have been handling it for 10 months now and their oft-repeated platitudes about them picking up the pieces from the previous administration are starting to become ever more thin and boring.

As for Mr Clegg saying they are clearing up the mess left by Labour, all the figures for the amount of debt because of the world banking crisis were in the public domain before the election last May. So please don’t try to fool the electorate with this claptrap.

Paul Ratcliffe, Richmond