Clamp down on parkers

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We have to suffer these pig ignorant parkers twice a day.

We cannot leave or return five days a week due to the so-called school run.

As for Parking Services, they are a complete waste of time and money.

They will do nothing to solve this problem and neither will the police.

We have had fire engines and ambulances blocked in and nothing was done.

When we rang Parking Services they told us that they could get out at the other end of the road.

There’s just one problem, it is a cul-de sac.

Our grass verges are all churned up in winter, so that it looks like a tank training ground every day the school run is on.

This council will not lift a finger unless it is in their backyard, so let’s have some action, city council.

We seem to have a council that doesn’t care and are useless at doing anything that involves coming out of the Town Hall precinct and going round and seeing for themselves what does go on every day around our schools.

Over to you.

Timmy Timber

by email