Claims of success in battle against yobs

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OFFICIALS are claiming success in their battle against anti-social behaviour in Doncaster - and setting up a unit to deal with it.

A campaign is being launched to try to reassure the public that the police and Doncaster Council are taking action tackling all types of anti-social behaviour.

Police say there has been a reduction in anti-social behaviour in the borough over the last few months, with figures for April to June this year showing a 16.8 per cent fall compared to the same period the previous year. It represents more than 1,100 fewer incidents.

A team dedicated to tackling anti-social behaviour, consisting of police, council and St Leger Homes staff, has been set up to share information and stop repeat offending.

Doncaster Council bosses say anti-social behaviour can range from criminal damage, such as damage to vehicles, bus stops and other items, to people riding motorbikes illegally, on fields and paths, to being abusive or even to littering on the streets. But a spokesman said one type of anti-social behaviour that concerned most people was over alcohol being drunk on the streets or people hanging around in groups.

A newly-launched campaign has adopted the slogan, ‘We’re tackling, not tolerating, anti-social behaviour’.

A dispersal order has been put in place in Wheatley to deal with the problem there, with the police able to disperse away from the area groups of two or more people causing a nuisance and return youngsters aged 16 or under to their homes.

Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, said, “If we keep banging on about anti-social behaviour the message will get through to people. We take this crime extremely seriously and I know that it directly affects many people across Doncaster.

“As the posters say, we are cracking down on anti-social behaviour and doing our very best to tackle this menace.”

Chief Inspector Neil Thomas said: “There are many types of anti-social behaviour that affect residents living in Doncaster and I want to reassure the public that we treat them all seriously. The campaign reinforces the simple message, ‘We’re tackling, not tolerating’. We will continue to crack down on this issue and ensure the small minority of people causing a nuisance will be dealt with appropriately.

“I would urge the public to help us with this and continue to report anti-social behaviour so it can be dealt with effectively.”

To report anti-social behaviour, call 0114 220 2020 or 01302 736 000.