Civic leaders hit back as Doncaster is named one of least prosperous places in UK

Market Place, Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Doncaster MC 3Market Place, Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Doncaster MC 3
Market Place, Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Doncaster MC 3
Doncaster is one of the least prosperous places in the United Kingdom, according to a new report.

The UK Prosperity Index 2016 report put Doncaster as 12th least prosperous town or city in the country out of 389 local authority areas.

But Doncaster leaders today hit back at the report saying the town was making great progress and was a ‘great place to live’ – but admitted there was much to do.

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Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones said: “Doncaster is making great strides forward with good economic growth, new jobs being created and new houses being built.

“We are delivering new private sector jobs at a faster rate than the national average. We have young people accessing apprenticeships with local companies in growing numbers and major investment from industry, such as the current iPort development.

“Our education results have improved this year and new developments such as the National College for High Speed Rail will support both local people and businesses to succeed.”

“Last year nearly 1,200 new homes were also completed, with properties ranging from executive homes to affordable rents, helping to meet the needs of local people whether they are families, single people or residents with specialised needs.

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“All in all, Doncaster is a great place to live. Nonetheless, this report does demonstrate why my focus remains on economic growth and job creation, particularly high skilled, well paid jobs. We’ll continue the good work that is already underway and I am confident about the bright future we have in our borough.”

Doncaster Chamber of Commerce CEO Dan Fell said: “There is much in Doncaster to be excited about at present. Over recent years a number of ‘big ticket’ projects have been delivered and there is much more – such as the iPort, National College for High Speed Rail and mooted PGA Golf course in the pipeline.”

The index was published by the Legatum Institute think tank and based its findings on factors including economic prosperity, business activity, education, health, crime and natural environment.

According to the prosperity index, Hull is the least prosperous place in the UK, while Waverley in Surrey is the most prosperous. The thinktank said that the UK prosperity index shows that opportunity is ‘most lacking’ in urban areas.