Civic leaders have built Sheffield

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Your correspondent has totally misunderstood the letter written by Julie Dore and the leaders of other northern cities.

Julie Dore was speaking out for Sheffield and in support of our various communities, by drawing the attention of ministers to the likely effect the loss of services to everyone in this city.

The cumulative result of cuts in the previous two years means Sheffield has lost £141 million and is now facing another cut of £50m.

Pretending that further cuts will not affect the quality of life here is nonsense.

Yes, Sheffield is a lovely place to live and I didn’t need to move from the south to discover that, but does Mr Shaw really think that a reduction in funding for police and fire officers will make Sheffield safer, that the council’s inability to spend as much on our parks and open spaces will make it greener and that the cultural life of the city will benefit when the council cannot provide the necessary funds for our libraries, museums and galleries?

Everyone will feel the effect of these cuts, but sadly some of our communities will suffer more than others.

Mr Shaw’s attack on a hardworking councillor is insulting in the extreme and the three council leaders who wrote to the minister pointing out this situation should be congratulated on standing up for their cities.

Mr Shaw’s utopia did not happen by accident.

The actions of hard-working civic leaders over the years have made Sheffield what it is.