City worker hops on his bike for charity

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A Sheffield businessman came up with a clever solution when his hectic work life left him low on time to do charity work - he simply combined the two.

Dave Smith, a regional manager at TSB in Sheffield was keen to do some fundraising for St Luke’s Hospice, but was having trouble creating space in his diary for the charity bike ride he wanted to do. So instead, the 48-year-old worked the bike ride into his working day. When a meeting at the Huddersfield branch cropped up in his schedule, Dave strapped his laptop to his back, hopped on his bike and rode over the border into West Yorkshire. Once the meeting was over, he rode back home to Ecclesfield - a round trip of 86 miles.

Friends and colleagues were so impressed they showed their support with nearly £700 in sponsorship, which will all go directly to the Sheffield hospice.

St Luke’s fundraising assistant, Grace Brierley, added “This just goes to prove that any time is the right time for doing something good in your day.

“Dave’s bike ride will make an enormous difference to the lives of our St Luke’s patients and those of their families.”