City school top of class

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A SHEFFIELD infant school has been rated outstanding by inspectors who said it provided first class education for its children from their first day to last.

Children at Waterthorpe Nursery Infants show excellent personal development which has a first rate impact on their exceptional levels of achievement, a team of Ofsted inspectors found. The pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning were impeccable because they enjoyed school immensely and everyone wanted to learn. They were bubbly and inquisitive and had much fun in lessons.

Key to the Thorpe Drive school’s success was the excellent care, guidance and support provided, uplifted by outstanding links with parents, carers and external agencies.

Even so, a very few families did not ensure their children attended regularly, the inspectors found. Pupils entered the nursery with attainment levels mostly well below those typical for their age.

Extremely fast progress ensured that by the time they joined Year 1 their levels of learning were increasingly higher than was usual for their age. The same rapid rate of progress continued through Key Stage 1 and, by the end of Year 2, pupils mostly were above average in reading, writing and maths in particular.

The curriculum was exceptionally rich, relevant and rewarding.

The leadership team was highly talented, led by example, and ensured monitoring and evaluation were regularly acted on to raise pupils’ attainment. And there were high expectations of pupils’ academic and personal achievement.

Headteacher Helen Stokes said she was delighted.

She said: “They are down to the dedication of all our staff and the resilience and good behaviour of the children.”