City’s tribute to the fallen

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Regarding the memorials to the fallen. This is a poem written by my uncle William H Sykes sometime in the early eighties. William H Sykes passed away in 1986.

There’s a big steel town called Sheffield,

Which prospered, makin’ guns,

A city of industrialists,

Wot scorned it’s fighting sons.

They’ve a fancy-footed flagpole,

Outside their City ’all,

Sheffield’s tribute to all those men,

Who answered the country’s call.

The Crimean War memorial,

Which once stood at Moor’ead,

Was moved from it’s place of ’onour,

An’ shoved in a park instead!.

That Boer War Memorial,

Erected to t’ York and Lancs

Was shoved on the wall in Weston Park,

In token of Sheffield’s Thanks.

The public never said a word,

It makes yer want to laugh,

I wonder wot park they ’ave in mind,

To shove the CENOTAPH.

Written by William H Sykes sent in to you with permission from his wife and I believe is still relevant today.

Ken Sykes