City’s No to Black Friday

Boxing Day Sales in full flow at the Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield
Boxing Day Sales in full flow at the Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield
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The majority of Sheffield people will give pre-Christmas bargain shopping days a miss this festive season, according to a new study from Blue Yonder.

65 per cent of city folk said they would be avoiding the shops this Black Friday - the retail industry’s mass discount day ahead of Christmas.

Of these, 33 per cent said bargain shopping was too much of a headache, while ten per cent said the shops were always too busy and 22 per cent said there was not enough of a discount to entice them to tackle the crowds.

One in ten also said there was too much web traffic on last year’s Cyber Monday - the online version of the retail bargain day - and that the websites they were using were either too slow or crashed.

Last year, an estimated £810 million was splashed out on Black Friday in the UK - more than double the previous year - as websites crashed and people fought in the aisles to grab deals. Three days later, UK consumers doled out a further £720m on Cyber Monday. This year, online sales during each 24-hour period are expected to surpass £1bn for the first time in UK history.

The study also unveiled a surprising trend nationally, showing 20 per cent of purchases were being bought to be sold on - having a possible impact on the retailers’ ability to sell the products in future. People in Sheffield also admitted to being impulsive shoppers, with 12 per cent saying they often bought sale items they didn’t need, had never used, or they wished they hadn’t.

But the news isn’t all doom and gloom, with 14 per cent of people in Sheffield estimating they had saved more than £50 by shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.