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THE desire to be fair is ingrained in the fabric of this city.

Whether it’s at school, in business or in sport, we try to get what we want in a fair way.

Our children are taught to be considerate, workers and bosses must appreciate the other’s point of view and sport only thrills if fair play rules.

So Sheffield’s aspiration to be the city of fairness fits well with our traditions and heritage.

The key to success is whether the Fairness Commission can put into action the reforms it discusses.

It’s clear inequality exists in the city and it’s right to want to address that.

It will take a bold initiative to tackle such deep-rooted problems as debt, road safety and children being unable to reach their potential.

The Commission is to be congratulated for doing its research and wanting to bring about change.

So we welcome a concerted effort by politicians, medical experts, religious and community leaders to call for this.

And we hope that initiatives such as a credit union, a 20mph speed limit and more help for young carers will lead to constructive change where it is needed most.

Now comes the big challenge - getting that to happen in a time of cutbacks.

This recession shows no sign of ending soon and sources of funding are at a premium.

But if agencies work together and use their influence to address the issues, they have a chance of success.

It’s better than doing nothing and we hope they succeed because it will benefit us all.

How we help you work together

WE’RE all in this together.

But this is no national slogan, it’s closer to home. The ‘we’ is Sheffield City Region - a natural trading zone which stretches from Derbyshire Dales to Doncaster.

And, following the worst recession for at least a generation, it has emerged that the best way is to work together for the benefit of all.

Business leaders, nine councils and four chambers of commerce have come together to fight for the region’s economy through the Local Enterprise Partnership,

Collaboration is the new way of working - but how do so many people speak with one voice?

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